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Andrew’s birthday snuck up on me, so this is late! Fanart of Alanna from the Song of the Lioness series, which we both love :>

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I like the 4th of July a lot!! So I’m having a lil sale, now through the 4th, get 10% off these items and more in my Etsy shop with code CUTEPICNIC !

Also, if you’ve bought something from me already and you’re happy with it, leaving me a review would be very kind <3

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You can now buy a physical copy of the first issue of Witchlight from Czapbooks! (plus other comics by me)

You can still get a digital copy from my Gumroad as well (which…also has other comics by me). 

Thanks! <3

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I’ve put the first issue of Witchlight up on gumroad! The pdf also includes two pages of development sketches and a teeny bonus comic. If you already got a physical copy from me at TCAF, email a photo of your copy to and I’ll send you the pdf for free!

Also up on gumroad are two of my older comics, ‘Raya and the Ghosts’ and ‘Carrot Boyfriend’, which are both too long for me to feasibly print. Check em out! 

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