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I’ll be tabling at SPACE in Columbus this weekend, with my very good buddy Kelli! Table 100, right when you walk in! Come see us if you’re in the area!

Guess what! I made more bottle charms! If you’d like to get one for your sweetie (or your sweetie self) today and tomorrow they’re 10% off with code HONEYBUN!

As you can see, I tried a lot of new things, so let me know which ones you like best!

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Message from totallysic

I keep noticing candles drawn above the heads of your (super cute) witchy characters! What is it a symbol for?

Hahaha gosh I am glad you asked because I have wanted an excuse to talk about this!

My idea there is, the first thing a witch learns when she’s apprenticed is how to float a candle and keep it lit. She spends weeks, months, as long as it takes for it to become second nature, just on that, doing all her normal tasks at the same time. It’s meant to teach balance, control, focus, and patience, and is just as much of a cultural rite of passage as a teaching tool. Of course, not *all* witches learn this way, and there are plenty of very capable and powerful witches who don’t have a candle (the Acorn witch, for example). However, it is sort of a status thing, and not having a candle carries a stigma and makes it harder to get jobs from/sell to non-magic humans (which is why Acorn witch mainly deals with squirrels).

I finally finished my actual witchsona!!

I specialize in weaving-magic, making garments with spells and stories woven in, with some minor potion making and herb-charms on the side. I’m being courted by the Rabbit King, handsomest and most charming of all kings (he grew those carrots himself).

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More witches for Witch Week! A small, soft, Moss Witch and an Acorn Witch (who trades Winter Acorn Protection spells for the best and biggest acorns).

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First couple witches for Witch Week! A novice Thread Witch and a Crystal/Coral Witch. More to come!!

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