Comics and Cartoons to Make You Feel Alright


Hello friends! I’ve gotten a lot of new followers over the past few weeks, so I wanted to remind you all that I’ve got stuff for sale!

Etsy- Handmade dolls, sketchbooks, jewelry! I’ll be adding new items throughout the next month. Get some super cute holiday gifts!

Gumroad- Get ‘Carrot Boyfriend’, my 150 page comic/animation! Bunnies, fightin’ monsters, relationship stuff!

Czap Books- Can’t get to a con that I table at? Get physical comics here!

Through the end of the year, I’ll be doing a special where for every etsy purchase, I’ll include a small inked sketch, and for every Carrot BF sale I’ll send you a small digital sketch!

I know money’s tight, so I’d super appreciate reblogs as well! Take care, cuties!