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I’ve been thinking a lot about sleepovers.

If you’d like a print of this (it doesn’t wiggle), check out my Etsy ! There’s two sizes! Wow!

Did you know I also have a twitter? I mostly yell about cute things and food but sometimes I post drawings and small comics!

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I’ve put my SPX combination comic/flipbook, ‘Carrot Boyfriend’, up on Gumroad (the flipbook part is a gif) if you’d like to read it! If you like bunnies, magical girls, or analysis of relationship dynamics, you’ll enjoy it!

(I also adjusted the animation a bit from the flipbook version for better viewing.)

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Copying my Pikachu (gen 2 this time) animations again! 

Copying my Pikachu (gen 2 this time) animations again! 

Here’s the other pixel game I got to make for Appets! I loved making all that tiny food * u *

These are assets from a very simple pixel mini-game I made for the Appets app! (All images copyright The Ohio Art Company).